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Project meeting in Portugal

20 member of the AQUA-USERS consortium gathered in Faro to look back at the work done in the first year and ahead to the work to be done in the coming year.

In November, it was time for the next project meeting, one year into AQUA-USERS! 20 members of the AQUA-USERS team gathered in Faro, Portugal. Scientific issues that were discussed included the best methods to differentiate harmful algal blooms from harmless ones with optical methods, and indicators for benefits and risks in aquaculture based on physical and biogeochemical parameters. A highlight of the meeting was the site visit to our user Finisterra's long lines just outside Sagres. Owner Lourenço Pinto Ribeiro very enthusiastically presented his production site and explained the problems he is facing - such as four months of harmful algal blooms in 2014. He gave very valuable feedback on the project's first year developments. And the project team got a taste of his products as well!
au project meeting nov14