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New publications

Two new articles co-authored by AQUA-USERS partner SGM

John Icely of AQUA-USERS partner Sagremarisco co-authored two recently published journal articles that look at different aspects relating to the Portuguese study area of AQUA-USERS. Both articles are open access!

Cristina, S., Icely, J., Goela, P.C., DelValls, T.A. & Newton, A. (2015) Using remote sensing as a support to the implementation of the European Marine Strategy Framework Directive in SW Portugal. Continental Shelf Research, 108: 169–177.

Goela, P.C., Icely, J., Cristina, S., Danchenko, S., DelValls T.A. & Newton, A. (2015) Using bio-optical parameters as a tool for detecting changes in the phytoplankton community (SW Portugal). Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science (in press).