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Successful user workshops

Two AQUA-USERS workshops in Scotland and Chile to connect to aquaculture community

On the day before the start of the Aquaculture Europe 2016 Conference and Trade Fair, AQUA-USERS offered an open workshop “Innovative satellite-based services for aquaculture – Everything you always wanted to know about water quality at your aquaculture site – don’t be afraid to ask our app”. The workshop was aimed at aquaculture operators and organisations, regulators and policy makers as well as scientist. It presented an overview of the AQUA-USERS services and some hands-on training in using the AQUA-USERS web portal and app.. In conjunction with the AQUASUR trade fair in Puerto Montt, Chile, NIVA organised a seminar "Environmental challenges and new technological solutions for a changing salmon aquaculture", in which AQUA-USERS was prominently featured. Both workshops attracted interest from the industry and delivered useful feedback and suggestions for improving the AQUA-USERS services.

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