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Case studies

Together with the users, the project partners demonstrate the applicability of the developed methods and tools in the following case studies:

Case study "Site characterization/selection"

Site characterisation supports the daily operation of the aquaculture production by increasing the knowledge of the production sites. Site selection does on the other hand have a longer perspective by supporting the optimal future production sites. Site selection may also support administrative management in regulation and licensing. The case studies were defined in close cooperation with the end users. In all, 5 studies were conducted with focus on different regions, species and objectives. Based on the objectives, determinant factors for the site characterisation/selection were identified and (historical) data collected. For each case, an analytical framework was defined (dependent on case and data types involved) and implemented and analysed in a GIS environment. The outcome of the GIS analyses is maps describing production sites and identifying sites suitable for aquaculture production of the given species and in the given geographical area and scale.


Case study "Daily management using Sentinel-3 + WISP data"

At six user locations, case studies were performed aiming at supporting daily management at the sites with in situ and EO data. As the uptake of the AQUA-USERS services by the users was less than expected and the data from the new Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-3 satellites became available later than expected, the focus of these case studies was somewhat shifted, with more emphasis on in situ data. For the various regions and production systems, different case studies were performed: some were restricted to specific aspects such as in situ measurements, others focused on a more thorough analysis of the daily management process and / or on research helping to establishing relationships between environmental parameters and production factors such as fish health or mussel growth as the missing link between the AQUA-USERS services and operational aquaculture farm management.

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