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In-situ data

A pivotal part of the AQUA-USERS project is the collection and integration of in-situ data into the database and application. In close collaboration with the users, in-situ data will be collected at the users' production sites. These data include WISP-3 measurements, Secchi depth, cell counts, concentrations of pigments, solids and colored dissolved organic matte, data on phytoplankton composition, data on environmental physical conditions (temperature, oxygen levels et.) as well as  the actual response of the aquaculture species (e.g. mortality, growth, yield, and fish behaviour). In addition, data from various sources will be integrated into the database, including Ferrybox systems, weather forecasts and met-ocean data (e.g. wave height). An important aspect of this work is the development and application of methods for quality control of these data before they can be entered into the joint project database.

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