AQUA USERS web AQUAculture USEr driven operational Remote Sensing information services

Satellite data

Satellite data will form the core information on which the AQUA-USERS application is based. Within the project, water quality products will be derived from earth observation data (first ENVISAT MERIS, later Sentinel 3 OLCI) with algorithms specifically developed for the regions that host the aquaculture sites. Also, Sea Surface Temperature (SST) data and methods are examined and consolidated. Furthermore, methods for Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB) detection will be developed based on optical satellite information and supporting evidence. Appropriate supporting information with excellent (spatio)-temporal coverage will be obtained from models, including those that drive MyOcean and weather forecasts. These datasets, complemented by measurements in the in situ database will be analysed using multivariate statistical analyses for development of site-specific indicators for aquaculture suitability, and development of the decision support methodology, which will also comprise custom-made weighting functions